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With over 28 years of experience, The Plumbarius Co. is adept at plumbing faucet repairs. It should be noted that quality control of faucets and repair parts have declined making repairs much more difficult. The Plumbarius Co. works closely with its suppliers to help identify and procure faucet repair parts.

Water Piping Repairs

Faucet Repair

The Plumbarius Co. understands that water heater failure is a big hindrance both in residential and commercial applications. The Plumbarius Co. is well versed in the various types of water heaters on the market and is experienced at complex repairs. Additionally, The Plumbarius Co. has temporary hot water heaters in stock, which can be implemented for an immediate hot water solution in the event the repair is lengthy or requires that parts be shipped.

#Plumbing Repair

Of all types of plumbing repairs, gas repairs are perhaps the most delicate given the risks involved in natural gas. The Plumbarius Co. implements skilled installers and best safe practices to ensure that the job is done properly and safely. The Plumbarius Co. utilizes new technology and material to maximize efficiency and safety with all gas repairs.

Drain & Sewer Line Repairs

Shower valve repairs are a common plumbing service call. After normal wear and tear, showers will begin to leak and or experience problems with water temperature. The Plumbarius Co. has trusted partners in the repair part business to assist in timely delivery of shower valve repair parts. The Plumbarius Co. does notify customers that quality control of shower repair parts are declining which presents some challenges in executing all shower valve repairs. The Plumbarius Co. will render their case specific opinion on whether a shower valve repair is in order.

Gas Repairs

Drain and sewer line repairs require a skilled plumber. Understanding the plumbing code along with many years of experience enables The Plumbarius Co. to produce drain and sewer line repairs that are unparalleled in quality and functionality. The Plumbarius Co. utilizes new installation techniques and implements various types of material to maximize the life of the system. Drain and sewer line repairs are somewhat invasive in nature and therefore it is essential to complete the project such that the client has peace of mind that no further issues will surface.

Water piping often fails as a result of aged materials and or inadequately sized or installed materials. The Plumbarius Co. utilizes only the best copper materials when repairing waterlines. The Plumbarius Co. no longer solders copper joints, instead The Plumbarius Co. uses a compression system that alleviates the need for flame during the installation. As a result, The Plumbarius Co. delivers a much safer installation and cleaner. In addition, this system is approximately 50% faster than the traditional way of Soldering.

Shower Valve Repair

Plumbing Repair

Water Heater Repair